39th Annual West Coast Songwriters Music Conference


The 2019 Conference will be held on Saturday, September 21st and Sunday the 22nd at the General's Residence, Fort Mason. With a special kick-off social event Friday night the 20th in the Bristol Bar at the Holiday Inn and the Wharf, 1300 Columbus Ave., San Francisco., it’s your chance to meet fellow conference attendees as well as the many and varied industry leaders instructing the full weekend of seminars. Our “UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL” event means just that – industry leaders are always available to chat throughout the weekend to musicians, media and those interested in a career in the music industry.


Few music conferences provide such an intimate setting for networking with prominent industry guests. Saturday and Sunday attendees are provided the rare opportunity to

  • participate in one-on-one consultations with industry leaders at the top of their game,
  • develop networking opportunities,
  • attend songwriting seminars,
  • learn about the latest industry standards,
  • attend legal workshops,
  • participate in voice coaching, sound quality & stage presence lessons,
  • have lyrics reviewed,
  • participate in song screenings
  • and performance showcases.


There are so many seminars and individual consultations that it is practically impossible to pick and choose which to attend. And it doesn’t end there! Saturday evening enjoy a beautiful sunset concert with the three grand finalists from the yearlong songwriters competitions held in over 12 locations. These finalists have the rare opportunity to perform in front of more than 60 music industry professionals, looking to sign new bands, musicians and songwriters.  Saturday night, join everyone at Jack's Cannery Bar, 2801 Leavenworth St, San Francisco for an after party & open mic.

This is a weekend to prepare for; bring your bio/photos and CD’s and promote yourself amongst the accessible, leading industry guests; meet new friends and forge new relationships to further your music career.

The 2019 Conference will be WCS's 40th Anniversary and the longest running continuous music conference of it's kind in the world.  

Be sure to keep up to date with all the special events for this year!  Kick Off location will be the Holiday Inn at the Wharf, 1300 Columbus Ave, in San Francisco.  Saturday night, join us at the after party at Jack's Cannery Bar, San Francisco.

What's Included in the fee?

Where can I stay?

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MEMBER ONLY RATES: REGISTER HERE  Please Note:  Members will need to bring their active membership card for registration.

  • 2-Day VOLUNTEER:  $250 Registration Deadline August 10, 2018
  • Conference Registration $350:  Registration Deadline August 10, 2018 after which it will be the walk up rate. 
  • WALK UP RATE: $390
  • "Bring A Buddy" -  to attend seminars, performances for $100 for one day and $150 for two days.
  • SPECIAL UNDER 21 PRICE  $150  Bring ID to registration to confirm you are under 21.


Join WCS Today and save $40 on the conference registration!  

  • Conference Registration- $390 Registration Deadline August 10, 2018 after which it will be the walk up rate.
  • WALK UP RATE $450
  • "Bring A Buddy" - to attend seminars, performances for $100 for one day and $150 for two days.
  • SPECIAL UNDER 21 PRICE  $175  Bring ID to registration to confirm you are under 21..

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Conference Photos 2017 - Compliments of Longstreet Photography