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Here you will find up to date information about what's going on in the WCS Vallejo Location.  It's easy to find who to contact, where to go and when it's all happening! If you need to reach us, please email the Vallejo Managers. 


Please make sure that you membership is current.  Non-members are ineligible to win.   RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP


  • 1st Thursday of the month Please Check The Calendar
  • Location: The Empress Theatre, 330 Virginia St., Vallejo
  • SIGN-UP: 6:30PM. Start time 7:30PM
  • Be sure to invite your friends. Audience encouraged.
  • Please make sure that you membership is current (Smartphone photo of card is OK)
  • Non-members are ineligible to win (but can perform, time permitting)  
  • Managers - Wheeler Cole, Liza Marie Sparks

Songwriting Competition Rules

Monthly Awards:
There are 2 winners of the Songwriting Competition each month, Best Song and Best Song Runner Up.

  • Best Song of the Month will receive 3 hours of recording time from 25th Street Recording in Oakland and a certificate from Noisy Planet. Additionally, Best song winner will be on the WCS YouTube Channel as a featured artist. Video file (not YouTube link), song title, location and short blurb with link to website/facebook should be provided to
  • Best Song of the Month Runner Up will receive 3 hours of recording time from 25th Street Recording in Oakland  and a certificate from Noisy Planet.

A member can win Best Song Of The Month and Best Song Of The Month Runner Up twice during a season (with different songs) in each WCS Location. Playoffs will be held in August to determine Vallejo Best Song Of The Year. In September,  the winners of Best Song of the Year from every WCS Location compete at the Finals for WCS Best Song of the Year. Three winners are chosen to showcase their work at the annual WCS Conference in September. 


Works In Progress is a creative critique session for songwriters of all levels. Songwriters can bring current projects, or old gems that they want to revisit and get constructive feedback from experienced songwriters. The session is always conducted in a no-pressure environment to foster development and to improve the participant’s craft. Songwriters can either present their works in pre-recorded demos on CD or I/O devices or bring an instrument to play. For songs that have lyrics bringing lyric sheets, with at least 6 copies is helpful.  

This is a place to get feedback, support, and peer and industry professional advice on how you might improve your songs making them stronger and potentially more marketable.

Alan Mayer is Starfish Recording’s resident Producer, Recording Engineer, Composer, Songwriter, Musician, and Vocalist. Alan has been recording music for over 40 years and was an early adapter of digital recording technology, using Pro Tools since 1995. Alan holds a B.A. from UC Berkeley and a Master’s Certificate in Recording from the Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences in Tempe, Arizona.  As a lifelong mentor of musicians and songwriters, one of Alan’s specialties is nurturing fresh talent, making singers sound their best, and transforming raw ideas into a beautiful finished product.

WCS Grand Finals: September

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WCS is one of the oldest and most active songwriter organizations in the world. WCS is a non-profit with more than 1,200 members. Membership and admission charges are tax deductible. WCS is a volunteer organization. If you can volunteer, please speak with the Managers or contact WCS. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to ask the Managers. 

Best Song:  
Celeste Kurnik "Never as Hard"

MARCH 2020
Best Song:  
Socks "Why Don't You Love Me"
Best Song Runner Up:  Lorenzo Wood "Drown"

Best Song:  
Jeff Hunter "The Crossroads"
Best Song Runner Up:  Wendell Wolff "Love is Not Winning"

Best Song:  
Celeste Kurnik "Never as Hard"
Best Song Runner Up:  Steve Key "Hit that String"

Best Song:  
Hannah Wolf "War Zone"

JULY 2019
Best Song:  
Jim Terry "My Birmingham Home"
Best Performance:  Jerome Rubin "The Fire Song"

JUNE 2019
Best Song:  
Cole Panther "Running Out Of 60"
Best Performance:  Jim Terry "Gone"

MAY 2019
Best Song:  
Rose Winters "Fool Outside The Window"
Best Performance:  Marine & Charles Holive "Don't Want To Say Goodbye".

APRIL 2019
Best Song:  
Jim Terry "The Walls Stand On And On"
Best Performance:  Chris Nauman "Rosalie"

MARCH 2019
Best Song:  
Ron Harbeck "Believe In You"
Best Performance:  Steve Andersen "Skinny Dippin"

Best Song:  
Rob Shaw "Fischer Hall"
Best Performance:  Michael Patch "Calling All Good Souls"



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