Koryn and Kevin O'Connell "I'll be there for You" becomes the title song for Three Days in August (August 31, 2016)

Congrats to Lodi, CA - WCS Members Koryn and Kevin O'Connell for the placement of the song "I'll be there for you" as the opening title song in the newly released film "Three Days in August".

Koryn flew to Montreal Wed Night to see the film and screen credits. Her new publishing company, Korynndarellas Music Machine was also listed.  "Three Days in August" Film Supervisor, Marcus Barone, will be attending the WCS 36th Annual Music Conference in search of new talent. Don't miss out.

David Luning "Whiskey Bottle" airs on TV Series Grimm  April 22, 2016

The song is “Whiskey Bottle,” a fan favorite at local concerts and club dates, written and performed by David Luning of Forestville, who won national attention a little over years ago, when “American Idol” televised his audition and interview. He said at the time he just wanted exposure and didn’t expect to win, but he was happy to make the top 100.

“Whiskey Bottle,” a country blues lament laced with wry humor, recounts a series of unlucky romances, leaving the bottle the best prospect for companionship.

Jen Adan: penned #1 hit "She Wouldn't Be Gone"

“She Wouldn’t Be Gone”, Number One song on the Hot Country Songs chart for February 2009, was written by local West Coast Songwriter Jennifer Adan. The song, performed by Blake Shelton and recorded on his latest album Startin’ Fires has earned Adan her first #1 party at the end of February in Nashville.

Allmusic critic Steve Leggett, states "[It's] a brilliant portrayal of a man who finally finds his passion and love for a woman when it's way too late and she's already gone, and the chorus swells to passionate, almost white-knuckle perfection. It's a great song and Shelton gives it everything."

West Coast Songwriter, Executive Director Ian Crombie was thrilled to hear the news, “We at WCS are so happy for her. She really has worked hard to develop her songwriting craft by attending as many WCS events. It’s a tribute to her tenacity.”

Overall, Shelton has charted fourteen singles on the country charts, including five Number One hits. Shelton will be performing “She Wouldn’t be Gone” at the Oracle Arena on March 21st, 2009.