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Here you will find up to date information about what's going on in the WCS Napa Location.  It's easy to find who to contact, where to go and when it's all happening! If you need to reach us, please email the Napa Managers.

Please make sure that you membership is current.  Non-members are ineligible to win.   RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP


  • 2nd Wednesdays of the month. Please Check Calendar
  • Location: The Benton Family Wine Cellar 880 Vallejo Street, Napa, Ca 94559
  • SIGN-UP: 6:30PM. Start time 7:00PM
  • Be sure to invite your friends. Audience encouraged.
  • Please make sure that you membership is current (Smartphone photo of card is OK)
  • Non-members are ineligible to win (but can perform, time permitting)  
  • Managers - Gary Koehler &, Jay Gottlieb
  • Songwriting Competition Rules

A member can win Best Song Of The Month and Best Song Of The Month Runner Up twice during a season (with different songs) in each WCS Location. Playoffs are in August to determine Napa Best Song Of The Year. In September, the winners of Best Song of the Year from every WCS Location compete at the Finals for WCS Best Song of the Year. Three winners are chosen to perform at the annual WCS Conference in September. 

About the Napa Managers:

Gary Wm. Koehler is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, banjo picker, pedal steel player, harmonica player, 5 CDs out in the world, collector of all that is beautiful, from music to art, antique toys to antique cars, bicycles and boats, loves rusty old tractors, 2800 hours logged in the air hang gliding, plays a custom made Martin J-40 guitar and a cool 1896 S.S. Stewart “Special Thoroughbred” 5 string banjo. Gary loves his wife of 3+ years, (actually a lot longer, as we got married on the 20 year anniversary of our first kiss) and may as well throw the kids in there too. Gary has a killer job in the wine industry and has been given the opportunity to host the newest chapter of the West Coast Songwriters songwriter competition at the place he works. Gary has a lifetime endorsement package with D’Addario Strings, walks 4.5 miles a day, taught William Shatner how to hang glide, grew up in Marin, played all the old Marin clubs, Sweetwater, The Resh House, The Lion’s Share, Sleeping Lady Café and more, you can listen to his tunes on Pandora or spotify.

Jay Gottlieb was born under the sign of the local taco truck. He has been inexplicably involved with music since an early age, (experts estimate that age to be 22 or perhaps even 54), when it was discovered he was tone deaf.  He plays guitar, (like children play their toy xylophones), sings when he can remember lyrics, has no sense of rhythm, sense of rhythm sense...of rhythm, and has been involved as a co-producer for many years with the now-long-gone, Napa Valley Music Festival.  He has been a manager for West Coast Songwriters for 5 years, has won "Best Song Of The Month" 12 times, and "Song Of The Year" once, and is not, repeat IS NOT, (contrary to the rumors),  from the planet Zarkon.


Monthly Winners

Best Song:  "Porchlight in the Rain" Jim Terry

Best Song:  "Porchlight in the Rain" Jim Terry
Best Song Runner Up:  "Complicated Man" Cole Panther


Best Song:  "Shine" Cinder
Best Song Runner Up:  "In Our Livingroom" Jim Terry

Best Song:  
"Legacy of Love" Jeff Hunter
Best Song Runner Up:  "All You'll Ever Need" Jim Terry

Best Song:  "The Walls Stand On and On" Jim Terry

JULY 2019
Best Song:  
"The Fire Song" Jerome Rubin
Best Performance:  "Ranch Road 12" Rob Shaw

MAY 2019
Best Song:  
"Gone" Jim Terry
Best Performance:  "Fool Outside The Window In Love" Rose Winters

APRIL 2019
Best Song:  "The Walls Stand On & On" by Jim Terry
Best Performance:  "Spoken For" Rob Shaw

MARCH 2019
Best Song:   "Ruby Bridges" by Megan McLaughlin
Best Performance:  "The Walls Stand On & On"
by Jim Terry


Nov 2017 BEST SONG The Terry Family Band

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