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You write and sing your own melodic driven songs. You have a laid-back, warm vibe about you, and your fans love to listen to you sing in intimate venues. As a singer-songwriter, it’s important to have a website that matches your music and gives your listeners a sense of who you are. 

Key Elements for a Singer-Songwriter website 

Singer-songwriter website design 

When it comes to designing a singer-songwriter website, keep it simple and authentic. You want your website to speak to your visitors much like your music does. So keep that in mind when you choose a theme. 

Taking a simple website template, like the Portside theme or the Dusted theme, and adding an image that sums you up is a great start to a design. From there, pull the colors from that image to work with your content area. You can save up to 15 colors in the Theme Designer’s color palette! 

You can use light, airy colors, or more moody black and white, depending on the feeling you want to create. To make your design interesting, make use of different backgrounds, or a slideshow. 

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You’ll want your Homepage to set a good first impression. Add some text about yourself, your band, your influences, and what you sound like. Be sure to include a bit of music as well, either a recent video or a compact music player with your best song. 

Make sure you choose a main image for your page that speaks to who you are, and the kind of music that you play. Then organize your content on the page in columns, keeping things easy to read. 

About page 

With a music bio page, it’s a balance of adding just enough text to intrigue your website visitors, plus some images. Make sure you’ve got relevant content on this page, and update it often to include recent achievements, new music, or events. 

Design this page to be simple but effective, with an opening paragraph that’s easy for someone writing a bio about you to grab and use. Then fill in some more details, and add an image or two of yourself. You can be a bit quirky in what you write on this page, as long as your words here come across as authentic. 

Music page 

For a singer-songwriter, a great Music page is an essential way to make your mark on your website visitors. Because you don’t rely on theatrics or showiness when you perform, you’ll want to keep your music page simple and organized. 

Add your most recent album at the top of the page, with an image, and your album tracks. Make it easy to see and play your music right when this page loads. You can choose from a few different button styles to make your play button stand out. 

Under this album, add previous music in music features and make use of columns to keep things in order. 

Be sure to add a bit of text to describe your songs. Your fans will love to know more about how the music came about. So make use of your storytelling ability to add some inside information. 

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Photos page 

It’s worth investing in a professional photoshoot to get some varied images of yourself. You can use these in your website design, and then provide a full gallery on your Photos page. 

No time to update a photos page? Even adding an Instagram feature that will update automatically is a good way to keep people interested and checking back on this page. 

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Press Kit page 

A great press kit page is key to booking shows. As a singer-songwriter, you’ll likely be targeting smaller, more intimate venues to play shows. Be sure to add some hi-res images here for bloggers or newspapers providing coverage, a short bio, plus some audio and live video. 

If you do perform with a full band as well, at larger venues or festivals, include those specs in a stage plot. 

This page can get busy with content, so choose only your best stuff, and put it in layout that’s easy to scan. 

Events page 

If you have a lot of upcoming shows, or want to highlight a tour, add a dedicated events page. Place your events in a table, list, or calendar to make sure that people can see when you’ll be playing near them. 

Using the List view and adding images like posters is a nice way to break up the page some color and content. 

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Contact page 

A simple contact form on this page, plus your social media icons, will make it easy for people to send you a message. If you have more specific booking information, or a contact for publicity, you can add it here. 

We hope this gives you some ideas when you go to design your singer-songwriter website! For more design inspiration, check out our Website Examples page and the Beautiful Website Templates category of our blog. 

Melanie Kealey is an artist manager, blogger, and support manager at musician website and marketing platform Bandzoogle

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