3rd Annual Berkeley Lyric Contest Finalists

Congratulations to the Finalists of the 3rd Annual Berkeley Lyric Contest. Below is the list of finalists.  The winners will be announced at the Berkeley Playoffs Monday July 18th at the Freight and Salvage. Bring your friends and hear the best of the best!  Tickets available in advance or at the door.

Awards for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be presented for Best Song of the Year, Best Title of the Year and Best Line of the Year

Best Song of the Year 1st Place winner will receive 3 hours of studio time from James Gardiner at Pajama Studios and an invitation to perform the winning song at the Playoffs on July 18th at the Freight.

The finalists are: 

Andrew Milne for: 
Best Title of the Year : Shades For Eyes
Best Lyric of the Year: Sleep You’ve Stolen 
Best Line of the Year: “And here I lie, with eyes wide open / Thinking of all the sleep you've stolen” 

Anna Borja for:
Best Title of the Year: This Must be how it Ends
Best Lyric of the Year: This Must be how It Ends   

Constance Taylor
Best Title of the Year: I Love That Buzz (And What It Does) 

Deborah Hamdaris
Best Lyric of the Year: Red Rocks Of Sedona

Georgann Ireland
Best Title of the Year: Ink
Best Lyric of the Year: Ink 

JC Tourbillion
Best Lyric of the Year: Party Of One
Best Lyric of the Year: The Belt
Best Lyric of the Year: Well-Schooled Man
Best Line of the Year: “If you can't handle love handles / You can't handle love” 

Jim Thompson
Best Line of the Year: A Place To Call Home “Daddy’s had a bout of don’t know what he’s done” 

Kelly Kitchell
Best Line of the Year: Forever With You  “The yesses and the nos and the maybes / Are slowly driving me crazy” 

Kress Cole
Best Lyric of the Year: Seatbelt 

MacClain and Cole
Best Lyric of the Year: Let It Go 
Best Line of the Year: “Just because you thought it, doesn't make it so” 

Mark Lyon
Best Lyric of the Year: Fifty Shades Of Gray

Maureen Blumenthal
Best Lyric of the Year: Mr. Know-It-All  
Best Lyric of the Year: My Little Home In Trona - 
Best Line of the Year: She Cries Lonely - “Her eyes burned hot as black diamond coal” 

Megan McLaughlin
Best Title of the Year: Sycamore Down
Best Lyric of the Year: Sycamore Down 

MJ Lee
Best Title of the Year : A Little While Longer 
Best Title of the Year: The Other Side of You
Best Lyric of the Year: A Little While Longer
Best Lyric of the Year: Ready
Best Line of the Year: “You’re not trying to be someone special / You’ve just tried being everyone else” 
Best Line of the Year: “On the Other Side of You” 
Best Line of the Year: October  “We wander through the catacombs of another dying season” 

Nell Maynard 
Best Title of the Year: The Salt And The Pepper
Best Lyric of the Year: The Salt And The Pepper

Peter Su
Best Lyric of the Year:  Into The Sea 

Rachel Lee Walsh
Best Line of the Year:  She’s Not Waiting - “She's a tattooed and tough girl, riding fast on her bike / Dodging all the cabs, trying to make all the lights” 

Ryann Kitchell
Best Lyric of the Year: War

Best Title of the Year: Why Don't You Love me America
Best Title of the Year What Kinda World
Best Lyric of the Year: Why Don't You Love me America
Best Lyric of the Year: What Kinda World 
Best Line of the Year:  What Kinda World - “Seems all the words were bleeding” 

Steve Edmunds
Best Lyric of the Year: Portrait In Blue 1945 

Tom Rhodes
Best Lyric Of The Year: Rye And Wrong
Best Line Of The Year: “I have fallen to iron and bourbon” and “Now I’m defeated by something I needed” 

Triana Presley 
Best Lyric Of The Year: Dirt Road Waiting  
Best Line Of The Year: Just To Say Hello - “Between my big city dreams and your small town pride”

Congrats again to all the finalists and hope to see you at the Freight on July 18th!