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2nd Mondays: July 13 & Aug 10 Greetings, Songwriters are invited to our online Zoom event for West Coast Songwriters Palo Alto Chapter. Second Monday of the Month: 7PM – 9PM. ZOOM meeting will start at 6:30pm to check in, mingle (virtually of course) and be ready to start at 7:00PM, so please be onZoomline and ready. This is a non-judges event, 2 sets and will limited to two songs each (1 per set) for the first TEN who register. This will be a Songwriter “Nashville” Round Style lean more toward Showcases of songs beyond the WIP stage. Performers can talk about the songs birth, evolution, inspiration, etc. And ‘could’ include asking for input from other participants. To attend you must register for the ZOOM meeting even if you don’t want to perform. To register please email or Facebook message Pete Sommer ( Thank You! Pete