Online Melody Workshop with Rachel Efron


Rachel Efron will be hosting an online workshop focused on writing melodies February 20th from 6PM-7PM. Only 25 spots available so be sure to sign up! Member price is $50, non-member price is $65. Please be sure your membership is current. Join or renew today!



More often than not, writing better songs means writing better melodies. Yet for all of our focus on lyrics and chord changes, we rarely stop and take a look at what writing better melodies really means. In this workshop, Rachel will help you demystify the process of melody writing, and offer some specific tools for finding the catchy, emotive, and fresh melodies to make your songs come alive.

Rachel Efron is a singer/songwriter, producer, and songwriting coach living in Oakland, California. After years of studying classical and jazz piano, Rachel began her journey with songwriting by not only writing one song after the next, but also by transcribing whatever songs she heard that most moved her. She realized that her backgrounds in classical and jazz music theories could be re-imagined to apply directly to the project of songwriting, and without exactly intending to do it, designed a course of study for songwriters — inspired and accessible, based equally in a hunger for sophisticated knowledge and a passionate quest for authenticity.

Over the past 10 years Rachel has taught countless songwriting classes and workshops, mentored nearly a hundred songwriters, and has worked as the music producer for many acclaimed albums of original songs. She teaches the songwriting course at California Jazz Conservatory’s Jazzschool, and hosts a weekly songwriting salon for songwriters out of her own studio.

Email once you've purchased your spot. You may submit questions to Poppy prior to the workshop for Rachel to review. She will do her best to address questions during the session.