Song Evaluation with Jen Adan


JEN ADAN: WCS Member who had the #1 Hit – “She Wouldn’t Be Gone”with Blake Shelton. My journey began in San Mateo, CA, when I was about 10 years old. I wrote my rst song in history class and back then, I never knew that someone could make a ca- reer out of songwriting; I thought it was just a hobby. I never told anyone I wrote songs. I nally told my parents on their 25th wedding anniversary, when I was about 15 years old. I wrote a song for them and played it at their party. I told them that I had about 100 more songs that I had written. I entered contests and continuously won. I found out about the West Coast Song- writers Association (WCS), and I joined. WCS has given me tons of contacts and taught me so much about songwriting and the music business. SUBMIT YOUR SONG to WCS Members only, one song only, attach your MP3/song file and paste your lyric into the body of your email. In subject line put: Jen Adan Evaluation Please do not send links as we have to upload the songs. Deadline to submit is no later than January 20th. RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP OR JOIN HERE: