Songwriter Competition Policies


  1. Songs

    1. Original Songs

    2. Performed live or to CD

  2. Performers

    1. WCS Member or their designated stand-in

    2. Can join WCS and perform the same day

  3. Judging Criteria

    a. Judges
    i. Guest Music Industry Judges

b. How Songs are judged, combination of all the following:

i. Composition

1. Lyrics

2. Music

ii.Subjective Evaluations of judges

4. Winners Benefits
a. Studio time

i. Must be used within 6 months or as determined by studio
ii. Nontransferrable
iii. Nonredeemable for cash or other

b. Best Song
i. Eligible to compete in chapter playoffs

1. Winners of regional playoffs eligible to compete at Grand Playoffs

a. Winners of Grand Playoffs eligible for a slot to play at Sunset Concert at the WCS Music Conference

ii. Writer can only win Best Song once in a six month period at each location

c. Best Song (Runner Up)

i. Eligible for drawing to play at designated slots at Ongoing Open Mic at Conference