Works in Progress monthly workshops

Compliments of Alan Mayer, Starfish Recording and WIP Vallejo Manager

Works in Progress (WIP) is a supportive encouraging environment where songwriters of all levels bring their song (work in progress) that  may not quite be finished or still needs some polishing. Maybe you are stuck on one word or phrase? Or you have a great chorus but some of the verses are not as strong as you would like them to be? Maybe your song just needs some outside feedback. 

Why? Sometimes we are so close to our own work that it is hard to be objective and other songwriters might have another way they hear what you are trying to say, or maybe you just need some fresh ears to help clarify your vision. 

You might have a verse that is weak compared to the rest of the song but you just cannot seem to find a way to fix it. Sometimes a simple word change or new perspective can be all you need to turn an average song to a great song. After all isn’t that what we all want, to write great songs? You do not have to agree with what other people think of your work but understanding how another person hears what you wrote may help you to find the right direction. 

Usually we will have an experienced guest songwriter or industry person as “moderator” but critique is also given by fellow songwriters. Everyone who comes is encouraged to participate but you can just be a fly on the wall if you prefer. 

“Works in Progress” provides an excellent introduction to the support and advantages of being a member of West Coast Songwriters and the WIP is open to non members and free of charge. 

Refreshments will be served and the atmosphere is casual but we are here to help each other improve our craft and support our fellow songwriters. 

Vallejo’s WIP is held at Starfish Recording every fourth Tuesday of the month 7:00 PM to 9:00 

Starfish Recording is a complete music production facility. We have a piano and guitars available for Works in Progress. All you need to bring is your song and six copies of your lyrics (or we can copy them for you). Join the fun and learn something about songwriting. We look forward to meeting you. 

Please call or text Alan Mayer at 510-798-4630  to RSVP  or for more information. 

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