What really happens at the WCS Conference...

Connections happen!  Zach Gospe meet Mark Mazzetti

Compliments of Riley Soward, manager.

At the Annual WCS Conference Zach and I were lucky enough to get a chance to eat lunch with Mark Mazzetti, one of the panelists at the conference who's worked with many big names in the music industry including Elton John, Sting, John Mayer, and Janet Jackson.  Before we parted ways, we gave Mark one of Zach's acoustic EP's and my business card, just in case he wanted to get in contact with us. 

The day after the conference I received a text from Mark who said he really liked what he heard on the CD; a few days after that he texted me again saying he was interested in potentially teaming up with Zach to do A&R and to produce an album for us.  Zach and I were incredibly excited at his offer, and after talking it out and considering all our options, we ended up signing Mark on for a six song EP. 

In November, just under two months after we first met Mark at WCS, Zach and I launched a Kickstarter campaign with the goal of raising $10,000–we ended up raising a bit over $10,600 from 161 contributors.  Zach and Mark spent the next three months picking the songs for the EP and then making minor tweaks and developing arrangements for them.  Then, in February Zach and I traveled down to L.A. where we spent ten days recording the album with Mark.  All Zach's parts for the EP were recorded and just needed to be mixed and mastered.  

All of this happened because Zach and I attended WCS, where the high-level panelists weren't untouchable, but instead were out in the public conversing with everyone throughout the day.   We are eternally grateful that we met Mark Mazzetti.  He hasn't just been our A&R agent and producer, but he's become a music industry mentor for both Zach and me.  He's been showing us the ropes and teaching us how the industry works. 

Since then, Zach's Gospe’s EP, New Horizons, has won a bronze medal in the pop category from the Global Music Awards. The EP features six of Zach’s original songs, including “Whatever Happens” which was nominated for best pop song by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. The EP was was released by Honey Spun Records. It was recorded by Anthony Brodeur at Through the Air Studios, Hollywood, CA; mixed and mastered by Brian Scheuble, and produced by Mark Mazzetti of Record Company In A Box. New Horizons is available on iTunes,Amazon, Spotify, and CD Baby.  

It's crazy just thinking about how far Zach and I have gone since the WCS Conference.  Before, we were just two guys who had a dream but didn't know how to make it happen.  Today, we're two guys who are working on a significant project that is giving us real-world experience in the industry and that will perhaps take our careers to the next level.  Zach and I are both excited for whatever comes next and are very appreciative that Ian Crombie and WCS gave us the opportunity to make all this happen.

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