WCS band members BUIO PESTO Release first song in English

West Coast Songwriter member Massimo Morini and Buio Pesto are proud to release their first song in English  
"You and Me" 
You and Me is a fun, danceable piece which portrays everyday people, places, and things that go together and ties them to the relationship between the Artist and the audience. Just as Buio Pesto involves their audience in their performances, this song involves the listener with Buio Pesto. 
Definitely a "Must See!" I have been attending Buio Pesto concerts in Italy for more than 12 years. I am pleasantly surprised every time by the talent, creativity, and performance of the group.  
Mark Le Mon 
President - West Coast Songwriters Association 
CEO - Yormo, Inc. 

Buio Pesto is a musical dialectal band from the small town of Bogliasco near Genoa, Italy. The name of the group is an Italian way to describe something very dark, but at the same time the word pesto can also refer to the typical Ligurian pasta sauce, the Pesto. As a matter of fact, the group logo, characterized by a strong green color, resembles a Ligurian basil leaf, which is the main ingredient for Pesto. 

The musical style varies from rock, to rap, to reggae and to folk music. The most important characteristic of their lyrics is the strong sarcasm and comic irony which gives the music a peculiar Goliardic satirical touch.  
The city of Genoa gave Buio Pesto the Disco D'Oro (Golden record) because they reached 90,000 albums sold. To date, Buio Pesto has released 11 CDs and several DVDs. Massimo also has several films to his credit. He has recently signed a distribution deal with Adler Entertainment in Los Angeles. 

Buio Pesto were founded in 1983, although their "professional" period started in 1995 with the recording of their first album, Belinlandia, published first by Grigua Dischi and then in 1996 by Sony. Significantly, in 1995, the music career of Buio Pesto changed completely when they made the decision to sing in the local Ligurian dialect. 

From then until now, they have sold 90,000 records and performed more than 800 concerts and performances (with a total of 1,300,000 people among the audience), while collecting more than $220,000 for charity (€ 200.000). Their second album, Cosmolandia, was released in 1998, it contains an unedited song Cosmolandia as sung by Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut in space for NASA in 1992 with the Space Shuttle Atlantis STS - 46. In 1999 the Space Shuttle Discovery STS - 103 was launched from Cape Canaveral transporting the album on board. Cosmolandia was the first Italian song album to fly to space. 

Buio Pesto produced the first Sci-Fi movie entirely shot in Italy: InvaXön - Alieni in Liguria. They have had various guests in some of their albums such as Marco Masini and Elio e le Storie tese, and Ligurian folk singer Piero Parodi
The members of the band are: 

Massimo Morini – main vocals, keyboards, composer and production 
Gianni Casella - vocals 
Federica Saba – vocals 
Giorgia Vassallo - vocals 
Massimo Bosso – lyrics, vocals and production 
Nino Cancilla – bass 
Davide Ageno – guitar and vocals 
Danilo Straulino – drums 
Maurizio Borzone – violin and vocals