TV Placement of Original Songs by The Noted

The Noted
is proud to share that the song, “One Chance” off the recent CD, "Not Far Away” was used in a Direct TV show entitled “You, Me Her”! Mason Cooper, music supervisor at Song Runner Entertainment, and long time West Coast Songwriters industry friend was seeking local music from the Portland area as the show is “set” in Portland, OR. 

Hey The Noted is from Portland, so we fit the first requirement and evidently a few more. Our song proudly appears on Season One, episode 5 for anyone wanting to check it out. Warning, this is not your grandma’s drama-comedy, fyi. 

We so appreciate WCS for making industry connections, and to Mason for reaching out, and working with other WCS supporters and members. 
In addition to the TV placement, we’ve been fortunate enough to have 7 out of the 8 songs on our CD get terrestrial airplay on over 250 stations worldwide. 

If you’d like to hear our music, we’d be so honored

Hey, if you’re ever coming to Portland, we love to co-bill with you; please reach out. 

daniel work 
WCS Portland Chapter Volunteer Director 
Founder, SmileyNote Studios, inc and The Noted band