SongCamp starts now!


West Coast Songwriters is proud to partner with SongCamp, the first 100% online summit for songwriters. From October 18 to 22, 15 hit songwriters and music experts will be sharing their insights and expertise with you! Attendance is free when you watch the videos the first time they stream.

SongCamp is a 5-day, virtual event featuring hit songwriters and experts who are excited to share their insights and expertise with you! 

Each SongCamp session will teach you the tools, techniques and tips that professional songwriters use to create their own hits. Find out what it takes to achieve success, and get a taste of the knowledge these writers have acquired through years of trial and error. 

Most sessions will include a specific Call to Action – a hands-on songwriting challenge designed to give you valuable practice in your new skills. Ideally by the end of SongCamp, you will have started (or completed!) many songs incorporating the essential elements of the HITS.

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