Rocket21 & WCS Collaborations

by Jodell Seagrave,  WCS Board Member and co-founder of Rocket21

It's an honor to be a part of the WCS team. The personal and professional support and networking among the community of WCS members is genuinely inspiring. 
And the access to high-quality industry PRO's and mentors available to WCS members is off the charts. 

As we continue planning the organization's year-round menu of intimate conferences, focused workshops, song screenings and special events, I'll be focused on co-developing an area that bridges my own personal and professional passions and work; bringing opportunities for youth to access world-class resources to pursue their passions and advance their dreams. On this front, WCS is a natural partner and collaborator. 

Over the past few years, WCS management and Rocket21, (a company of which I'm a co-founder) have worked together to create some terrific opportunities for aspiring youth songwriters, performers and music business leaders. 

Toward that end, we've ... 

  • Provided scholarships for youth attendees at the annual WCS Conference, including talented 16 year old pop artist and songwriter Ezra Henderson.
  • Designed songwriting competitions just for kids with categories for both Teens and Youth under 13, generating cash awards to support youth musicians' education and training and facilitating dream scenario collaborations and opportunities. 
  • Hosted digital songwriting and vocal performance clinics and screenings exclusively for youth, featuring WCS Member, Voice and Performance Coach Steven Memel. 
  • Delivered songwriting workshops to support anti-bullying efforts in schools across the country, led by WCS Member, Grammy-nominated songwriter Steve Seskin
  • Sponsored Universal Recording artists CIMORELLI to perform at the WCS Conference and to present a working session for members to learn strategies and tactics for building visibility and opportunities through social tools. 
  • And we've even sent youth songwriters on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to The Grammy's along with WCS Members, indie-pop sister group Karmina.
Over the next couple of months, we'll be finalizing plans for how to support musically passionate youth in even more high impact ways this year. We look forward to helping kids rock their dreams - and mentoring the next generation of West Coast Songwriters' breakout alumni VIP and leaders! 

We welcome any suggestions or ideas you may have for involving youth in WCS! 

Onward and upward,