Nicole Maguire's Amazing Conference Experience

Last week was a crazy week for the Crombies, but, even more crazy for the past two weeks for Nicole Maguire.  After meeting a lot of interested parties at the Conference, Nicole decided to do a quick turn around to take advantage of the connections she’d made over the Conference weekend.  She hardly had time to unpack her suitcase in Cork, Ireland before flying back to the West Coast, this time to Los Angeles. 

I set up a few places for her to crash while she was in LA.  Thanks to the kindness of Kelly Adams for picking her up from the airport and letting her stay at her apartment for the first night.  Thanks to Jerome Spence (Conference guest) for giving Nicole a place to crash and also for setting up writing appointments with Peer staff writers including Richard Harris (another Conference guest), plus two guys in a band called New Hampshire.  She wrote a song with Richard and one with New Hampshire. 

On Saturday, Jerome Uber'd Nicole back to Venice where Kelly lived, and Kevin Fisher (another Conference guest) drove up to write a couple of songs during the day with her.  Later that day, Mason Cooper along with Cassidy (both Conference guests) and also his wife Cheryl, came and picked Nicole up and took her to stay at their house in Simi Valley.  Nicole and Cassidy hung out together and….wrote a song that night.  Sunday, Cassidy, Cheryl and Nicole went shopping (not sure where Mason was, probably relieved to avoid the shopping experience).  Later, Mason and Cassidy dropped Nicole back at Kelly’s place where she could rest….well, actually Nicole and New Hampshire busked on Santa Monica Pier.  Passing visitors didn’t know what they were witnessing! 

Monday morning was the day set for Nicole to meet with Producer Ken Caillat (another Conference guest).  They sat down and made a plan for the week.  Ken set up writing appointments for Tuesday and Wednesday with people on his team.  That same day, Joanie and I drove down to Venice.  Robin Rudisill, mother of Karmina (Kelly Adams and Kamille Rudisill), had offered us to stay at Casa Karmina on Venice beach.  We gladly took her up on the offer and also offered Nicole a room to stay while we were there.  It would allow us to shuttle Nicole to The Village Recorder when she needed to be there. 

Nicole’s first co-write with a member of Ken’s team, was with Justin Young, where another song was born.  Wednesday she was with hit songwriter, Eric Burden, giving birth to another song.  Wednesday night, Nicole played a Genghis Cohen showcase where the guests listed above turned out, plus more, and and New Hampshire backed Nicole on a few songs. 

Ken’s comment at the end of the night was “We should have recorded this!”…this from the man who spent three months on the road making live recordings of Joni Mitchell. 

Thursday was initially going to be Ken recording a song with Nicole.  They had six songs in the can by the time Joanie and I went to pick up Nicole at The Village Recorder in Los Angeles.  This not mentioning that in the next studio Elton John was recording.  In the other studios John Mayer and The Killers. 

Ken asked what time we were leaving on Friday.  We didn’t have a set time. Ken asked if Nicole could come in at 10:30am until 1pm so they could finish the songs they were interested in.  He also mentioned that they normally only recorded vocals for 2 hours at a time, and Nicole had been singing for 5 hours, the reason they were able to capture so many songs. 

So, we dropped Nicole at the studio and came back at 1pm. There was a bomb scare on the street so it was cordoned off by police.  We eventually got in.  At 2pm Ken and his team and Nicole talked about business with Joanie and I as support and witnesses. We left the studio at 3pm.  Eight songs had been recorded.  We began the ride home to the SF Bay area where Nicole had 2 more gigs and the flight home to Ireland on Monday morning. 

Nicole Maguire is about to be an overnight success…. after only 17 years performing, touring and writing. 

There are a number of other success stories from the Conference, but Joanie and I were there while all this was happening.  So exciting!  It was a great year!