How to create an EPK for your music (with examples!)

In this day and age, a music website is a must-have to get your songs out there. But where do you start if you are solely focused in on promoting a single, or an album? 

The good news is, you can do both. Making a website for your music is the first step, and as part of that, include an EPK for your music on its own, dedicated page. It should include specific information about your music that is easily picked up by the press. 

Wondering what to include in your music EPK? Here are the basics, as well as some EPK examples to really illustrate what’s needed. 

What is included in a music EPK? 

An EPK is short for electronic press kit, so, naturally, it’ll all be digital and online. A music EPK will focus on upcoming or recently released music. You can also create an EPK for past music that you want to highlight. 

A music EPK should represent who you are as an artist, stylistically and with the content you choose. Important elements to include in an EPK are: music, an artist bio, promotional photos, high-quality video, recent achievements, social media and streaming links, and contact details. 

1. Music 

The most important part of your EPK is your music. With that in mind, carefully consider what you are using your EPK to promote. If you have a new album, add the lead single or best track to your EPK. You can also add your entire album if you’re looking for a full music review. If you are releasing a single, use that. You can set a preview, or allow the full track to play. 

Place your music prominently on the page. You don’t want a music reviewer or blogger to have to scroll endlessly to find it. You can set your player to span across the width of your EPK page, or set it side by side with some text talking about your music (see the next point). 

2. Short artist bio 

In creating your music EPK, writing out an artist bio should differ from an electronic press kit where your goal is booking shows. The text on the page in this case should focus more on the music. Add a paragraph or two that will be easy to copy and paste if someone is writing about you and your new music. 

Your first paragraph might talk briefly about your career to date, and the second paragraph should hone in on this new music. Talk about your style and the music’s inspiration, adding any details that you think are relevant in introducing someone to your new album. 

Tailor this bio text to the music you want to promote, then add in other tidbits of information. Songwriting awards, past accolades, or an impressive number of Spotify streams can work here. Pick the most relevant achievements, and make it sound impressive. 

Artist: Wolfmoon 

3. Promotional photos 

When you’re planning to promote new music, it’s a good idea to get a few new photos ready for press. They should highlight the sound of your upcoming album or single, and be styled to create the same effect that listening to your music provides. It’s a good way to give some visual interest to your music. 

You can add just a few photos here, or use your best photo in different, social-media ready sizes. You can also add your album art for use in promotion. 

4. Music video 

If you have a music video, or a professionally done live video of a song from your new album, add it to your EPK. Adding relevant, visual content in the form of a video might engage a listener who is glancing through your page. A video also shows that you’ve poured time and effort, in addition to passion, into this new music. 

5. Recent achievements and reviews 

Add some text to show how your songs are circulating and being received. This could be in a list, providing a few easy-to-read stats. Update this regularly as your music continues to buzz out in the world. 

If you start getting radio play, rack up an impressive number of streams, or climb any charts, list those details here. 

Include reviews in this section. Use a short snippet or quote about your music, and attribute the source to show that your music is being talked about. 

Artist: Megan Anne 

6. Social media links and streaming links 

Add the social networks you are active on to your music EPK. This makes it easy and quick for an industry professional to click through and see what your vibe is like. It also helps someone get a handle on how you share content about your music. 

An active social media presence that shows good judgement may also help an industry professional decide to work with you. It can work in your favor if an up-and-coming blogger or podcast host plans to interview you - it’ll show them how far the news will go from your end, and how many people are already invested in your success. 

Then, add your artist info for any streaming services you are active on, such as Spotify or Apple music. Some people will want to not only listen to your music this way, but also see that you’re active on these platforms. If you aren't currently streaming, just omit it (and focus on the areas where you are active). 

7. Contact information 

Make it easy to contact you, either with a contact form or an email address. If you are self-managed, note your own email address. If you have other members of your team, list out their positions and contact information as well. 

Music EPK design 

Once you have created an EPK for your music, take a last look over the page to finalize the design. Think about the EPK’s presentation from the perspective of someone who has not heard your music before. Make sure they don’t have to work too hard to learn about it. 

Ask yourself a few questions about your EPK’s design: Does it scroll too long? If so, tighten up some content into columns. Is the music itself easy to find quickly? Make sure the play button on your music player stands out on the page. Is it easy to read? Is the text divided up into bite-sized chunks? Double-check the fonts and colors you are using. 

If you aren’t ready for the world to find out about your album yet, but want media or industry professionals to take a look, set your EPK up as a password-protected page. You can then send the page link and password so they can access the page ahead of time. 

Artist: Marcela Campos 

Music EPK examples 

If you’re still unsure about what an EPK for musicians might look like, here are a few examples to check out. 

Electronic pop-songstress Rachel Beck has created an EPK that’s focused on her new album, Stronger Than You Know. In every aspect of her page she’s used elements that tie back to the music. From press quotes and photos that match her album art, she’s allowing her album to breathe life into the EPK page, letting fans and industry alike take a look and listen. 

Artist: Rachel Beck 

Folk-blues guitarist Jesse Walman does a nice job of highlighting his debut album, Mansion Full of Ghosts, on his press kit page. He includes a few quotes, a longer bio full of details, and promo photos. With a simple design that matches his grey and blue imagery, his press kit is easy to navigate, and matches his full website perfectly. 

Artist: Jesse Waldman 

Soulful singer Zinny has created a sleek and stylish EPK that focuses on her upcoming album, slated for 2021, with mention of her recently released single. The dark background makes her text stand out sharply, and her imagery conveys the sound you can expect on her forthcoming album. 

Artist: Zinny 

Composer, singer and violinist Phoebe Violet has created a modern one-page website for her content, then added a page solely dedicated to the release of her new work, ‘Entre cielo y tierra.’ Her music is right at the top of her Press Kit page as the most important thing. 

Following that, she includes text in two languages to describe her compositions. Making good use of space, she includes headlines plus external links to interviews and reviews. In addition to placing press photos on the page, she also includes a downloadable folder with full-resolution copies. This makes it easy for a reviewer to grab exactly what they need. 

Artist: Phoebe Violet 

The beautiful thing about creating your own music EPK is that you can change it up at any time. If your new album sales send you to the top of the charts, or you get a great review from a music blogger, add that to your EPK. The more you can highlight your music, the better it will serve your career. 

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