Children Can be Songwriters too.

By Nomi Yah (WCS Berkeley Location Manager)

I've been writing songs all my life, I started when I was 8-years-old. When I was 13-years-old, my best friend Sophie Conty and I co-wrote “King Of Kings”. That led to my first publishing deal. The song was recorded on the album “Petra: The Rock Cries Out”, which was in the top ten on the charts for nearly a year, earning a gold album. 

Fast forward many years later, I grew up and had a child of my own. I needed a vehicle, but didn’t have enough money to get a decent used car. I kept looking for a good deal, but couldn’t find anything I could afford. Then I got a letter from my publishing company and inside was a big check. It was enough to pay for a brand new Toyota Corolla. 

I still drive that Toyota today. It’s not the fanciest car, but I’m as proud as a President driving it because I bought it with a single royalty check. And those royalties were from a song I wrote when I was a child! 

If you know a child or teenager who wants to write songs, encourage them. Believe in them. You never know what they are capable of achieving.