August 10th Final day for Conference discount

August 10th Last Conference Discount Deadline 

Tomorrow, Wednesday August 10th, will be the last Conference Registration Discount Deadline.  After tomorrow it will be the Walk Up price.  Don't wait and end up paying more up for the West Coast Songwriters 36th Annual Music Conference happening September 24th & 25th at the General's Quarters - Fort Mason in San Francisco. 
Here are reasons you should think about attending: 
This very unique conference presents opportunities for you to have direct access to our guests and to join our wonderful community, and create meaningful relationships with both.  Get your bio/photos and CD's and promote yourself amongst the accessible, leading industry guests; meet new friends and forge new relationships to further your music career. 
At this conference, you'll have the opportunity to: 

participate in one-on-one consultations with industry leaders at the top of their game, 
develop networking opportunities, 
attend songwriting seminars, 
learn about the latest industry standards, 
attend legal workshops, 
participate in voice coaching, sound quality & stage presence lessons, 
have lyrics reviewed, 
participate in song screenings and performance showcases. 

We bring in leading guests from the music community specifically targeted to help you navigate your way through the music industry.  This year's guests include:  Songwriters:  Brent Bourgeois, Richard Harris, Gary Burr, Georgia Middleman, Robert Berry, Jim Bruno, and Andre Pessis. Producers:  Richard Harris, Cliff Goldmacher, Ken Caillat,  Scott Mathews, and Jason Brawner; Music Biz Attorneys:  Ned Hearn and Michael Aczon  Publishers:  Dan Hodges, Nancy Peacock,  Antoinette Olesen, TV & Film Placement guests Jerome Spence, Marcus Barone, Darian Cowgill; Performance & Voice Coach, Steven Memel & JoAnneh Nagler; Music Business Techies Patti Silverman, Todd Tate & Brian Zisk,  just to name a few.  Check here for the up to date list of industry guests

AND we're adding guests every day!