36th Annual Success Story

The 36th Annual WCS Music Conference was yet another fantastic networking opportunity for everyone who attended. Oh, the connections that were made and the friendships built.  I look forward to hearing updates from members about their followup calls with industry leaders, new career developments and new songwriting opportunities. Share the great news with all of us.

Check out the photos!

October is the beginning of the new season for us and we're gearing up for a stellar year.  There are two new locations for competitions: Napa and San Jose.  There are plenty of member perks, including posting your upcoming concerts and posting photos from your recently finished concerts. Workshops, seminars and song screenings are already being arranged and we're even beginning to work on the 37th Annual Music Conference! So be sure to stay tuned and see what great opportunities WCS has to offer you this year!

And THANK YOU to all our stellar location managers who are gearing up for a great year of competitions in their areas.  Be sure to check out the calendar to see when the next competition will be held and where!